workplace harassment prevention

workplace harassment preventionWorkplace Harassment Prevention

This is an interactive online harassment and violence prevention training program. The training covers human rights based harassment as well as personal harassment or bullying.


Workplace Harassment Prevention
For Employees (60 minutes)
This course provides employees with an overview of the different forms of harassment, the legal definitions, and links to your organization’s policy. It is easy to understand, and it offers employees the opportunity to apply the principles they learn to realistic workplace situations. An assessment allows employees to test their understanding of harassment and violence prevention in the workplace.

Workplace Harassment Prevention – the Manager’s Role
For Managers (60 minutes)
This course covers the same content as the employee program but also offers managers the support they need to deal fairly and effectively with human rights and personal harassment complaints and issues. The scenarios and the assessment allow managers to test their understanding of their role in responding to harassment in the workplace so they feel confident in responding to employee concerns.

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