diversity and inclusion

Diversity and InclusionDiversity in the Workplace: Creating an Inclusive Workplace

This interactive online diversity training program is designed to help employees understand the role they play in creating a positive workplace environment. This training helps employees become more comfortable and skillful in communicating about differences and more able to work effectively with men and women of various religions, cultural backgrounds, ages, and physical and mental abilities. This training is also intended to increase awareness about organizational culture and practices that affect the participation of diverse groups.

About the Courses

Diversity in the Workplace: Creating an Inclusive Workplace
For Employees (60 minutes)
This course provides employees with an understanding of what diversity means in the workplace, gives employees tools to communicate successfully about differences, and offers them the opportunity to apply the principles they learn to realistic workplace situations.

Diversity in the Workplace: Managing an Inclusive Workplace
For Managers (60 minutes)
In addition to covering the employee course content, this course offers managers the support they need to build inclusive and productive work teams. The tools and supporting guides will help managers to understand the principles of accommodation and how to communicate successfully about differences.

“It gave us more understanding on how to deal with, communicate, and treat others regardless of our own differences”

“Having an online training on this topic made it very easy to access and allowed me as much time as needed to learn the concept. I feel this online training was great as I was able to do it any time I was free”

Participants feedback from Employee’s Diversity course