Workplace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Services

Do you need help in creating a workplace culture that attracts, values and retains diverse employees?

The labour market is changing regarding Workplace Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. With an increasingly diverse workforce, the qualities prospective employees look for in an employer are different than in the past. Societal expectations are changing, and becoming an employer of choice in a competitive industry is essential for business success.

Our Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Services include

  • Strategic diversity planning
  • Organization cultural assessment
  • Policy development
  • Diversity surveys and communications
  • Workforce data collection and analysis
  • Best practices in diversity
  • Conducts workplace investigations
  • A Diversity awareness training
  • Program monitoring and evaluation

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Workplace Diversity

What Our Clients Say

“Diversity goes beyond understanding the value different employees bring to the workplace. Rebecca’s team has helped us know what we need to do to create a place where everyone feels comfortable coming to work every day.”

Director, Human Resources, Vancity