What We Do

Frame and Associates offers online training courses on diversity and unconscious bias, respect in the workplace, and workplace bullying and harassment prevention. We customize our courses to reflect your organization’s policies, culture, and brand. Our learning management system allows us to host the courses we customize for you, and it allows you to host courses that you develop in-house. We provide comprehensive consulting on diversity, inclusion, and employment equity implementation.

Online Training Courses

Courses we offer include

Respect in the Workplace: Preventing Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying

  • How respectful is your workplace?
  • Does everyone communicate openly and respectfully?
  • Does everyone feel safe?

This one-hour interactive course helps employees and leaders understand how to identify and respond to inappropriate or illegal behaviour in the workplace.

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Diversity in the Workplace: Creating an Inclusive Workplace

  • How diverse is your workplace?
  • Does your organization understand the business case for diversity?
  • Are employees comfortable communicating about differences: What’s okay to ask? What’s not okay?


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Online Training Guides

Conversation Guides for Leaders complement the Respect in the Workplace online training courses. They are designed for leaders to facilitate follow-up prevention sessions with employees about key concepts covered in the training. Employees are encouraged to talk about how the training applies in their work environment. Leaders have an opportunity to assess the employees’ understanding of the training and are given the tools to respond to employee comments. 

Hosting Courses (Yours or Ours) on Our Learning Management System

Frame and Associates offers hosting services

  • for our courses on our learning management system if you don’t have your own
  • online courses that your organization has developed

Our learning management system is simple to use and easy to access. It allows you to track employee results 24/7.

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Our Team Works with Yours
To Design the Training Solution for Your Organization
  • Cost-effective, web-based courses for employees and leaders/managers
  • Customized online training to fit your organization’s policies, culture, and branding
  • Step-by-step conversation guides for leaders to reinforce the training and support employee engagement

Respect in the Workplace - Online Diversity Training Solutions